Dassault Falcon announces M & O seminar series


Dassault announces 11 regional seminars in seven countries around the world

Dassault Falcon MO logoDassault Falcon will hold a
series of regional M&O Seminars in 2012. The series will include 11
seminars in seven countries around the globe from March to August. Regional
seminars provide Falcon operators a special opportunity to communicate directly
with Dassault specialists and engineering teams on a variety of topics.

“While we have many
communications media available to us, we still value the importance of a
face-to-face meeting with our customers around the globe,” said Jacques
Chauvet, senior vice president of worldwide customer service. “Their
feedback underscores the need for these regional seminars, and we prepare all
year long in conjunction with our Operator Advisory Board (OAB) in order to
deliver information that’s valuable to the entire fleet.”

2012 Regional M&O Series Locations and Dates:

March 21 – Rome, Italy
March 27 – Shanghai, China
March 27 – Houston, Texas
March 29 – West Palm Beach, Florida
April 4 – Geneva, Switzerland
April 17 – Chicago, Illinois
April 19 – Seattle, Washington
May 1 – Montreal, Canada
May 3 – Mahwah, New Jersey
May 3 – Mumbai, India
August 15 – Sao Paulo, Brazil