Dassault sells Falcon 8X to Indonesia


Dassault has sold a Falcon 8X to an undisclosed Indonesian customer. It will be the first Falcon 8X in Indonesia, and the second to be delivered in Asia.

Asia has been one the largest markets for the Falcon 7X, from which the Falcon 8X has been developed.

According to the 2016 annual fleet report by Asian Sky Group, a total of 41 Falcon 7X business jets were operating in Asia at the end of 2016.

Greater China in particular has been a strong market for the Falcon 7X. Some 33 aircraft operate in the country, making it the third most popular type.

The only Falcon 8X currently in operation in Asia is flown from its base in Hong Kong.

Dassault say it is in advanced negotiations for the sale of a Falcon 7X to a customer in Malaysia.