Dassault Falcon Services completes C-check on Falcon 7X


Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) has completed an initial C-check on an in-service Falcon 7X business jet.

C-checks on the Falcon 7X are the largest scheduled maintenance events and are due every eight years or every 4,000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Although many of the first built aircraft have not reached the maintenance limits as the Falcon 7X was introduced in 2007, it was decided to move up the first inspection at DFS to demonstrate and optimize the quality of the Falcon 7X overhaul process.

A second DFS 7X visit, including a full cabin renovation and an installation of an EVS in addition to overhaul work, is already underway with others scheduled to follow by midyear.

The aircraft involved in the initial C-check is seven years old and has flown 1,340 cycles. The inspection, carried out at DFS’s Paris/Le Bourget facility, also entailed bringing the aircraft up to the latest operating standard, renovating the interior, repainting the exterior and installing a satcom unit and high speed wifi system.

Jean Kayanakis, general manager of Dassault Falcon Service said: “All the expertise needed for C-checks – maintenance, engineering, Customer support, spare parts, cabin refurbishment – are available right here at Le Bourget or at nearby Dassault Aviation design office in paris, permitting the quick reactivity operators demand in the overhaul process.”

“We expect this to be a great differentiator and help us become the global reference in C-checks for the 7X and future Falcon models,” added Kayanakis.

DFS has set aside two hangars at Paris – Le Bourget for Falcon 7X maintenance and a second facility will be opened in Bordeaux in 2016.

The Bordeaux facility wil be capable of handling six aircraft and will include a paint shop hangar.