Dassault Falcon to offer new internet option for Falcon 7X


Company will introduce a new inflight telephone and internet option for the Falcon 7X business jet.

                      Dassault Falcon 7X
Dassault Falcon will introduce an in-flight phone and connectivity option for the Falcon 7X. The option, to be offered in cooperation with OnAir, will be available on new Falcon 7X aircraft with deliveries beginning in 2014.

Mobile OnAir operates like any standard international roaming service, enabling passengers to send and receive emails, text messages and calls in flight using their own smartphones. Internet OnAir creates a Wi-Fi network in the aircraft, providing Internet access through any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Falcon owners or operators may opt for either or both options.

“For today’s global-minded flyers, conveniently staying in constant contact while flying is paramount,” said Eric Monsel, vice president of programmes for Dassault Falcon. “The new OnAir package will allow Falcon 7X passengers to remain fully connected at all times in the most user-friendly fashion. In-flight connectivity is key to the passenger experience and truly differentiates one aircraft from another. At Dassault Falcon, we’re committed to providing the best solutions available to our customers.”

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