Dassault doubles Falcon 8X flight test fleet


Dassault has added a second Falcon 8X to its flight test programme.

Following on from the first flight of Falcon 8X (MSN 401/ F-WWQA) on 6 February 2015, the second test aircraft (MSN 402 / F-WWQB) flew for the first time on 30 March, from Bordeaux-Mérignac.

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The flight lasted for 2 hr 45 min, with test pilots Hervé Laverne and Etienne Faurdessus taking the Falcon 8X up to 43,000 ft at Mach 0.8 for performance tests.

“We are very pleased with the way the aircraft responded and flew,” said Laverne. “It demonstrated the same flawless handling qualities as s/n 01, a very positive development at this early stage of the flight test campaign.”

Dassault says the flight plan for its second test flight was similar to the first flight. Further flight test activity will now move to Istres in the south of France, where Dassault’s flight test centre is based.

Dassault is expecting the flight test programme for the Falcon 8X to take 500 hours over 200 flights, with certification targeted for mid 2016.

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