Dalian Police to take delivery of two EC155 helicopters


The Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau in northeast China is acquiring two EC155 helicopters from Eurocopter, the first aircraft being delivered and deployed during an upcoming meeting of the World Economic Forum between 14–16 September at Dalian

Eurocopter EC155Eurocopter has announced that the Dalian
MPSB will take delivery and deploy the first of two EC155 helicopters. The
first EC155 helicopter will be used for VIP transport and security patrols
during the World Economic Forum’s “Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011” –
also commonly known as the “Summer Davos” session being held between 14-16
September in Dalian, China. This helicopter will subsequently perform missions with
additional equipment such as searchlights and hoist for multi-role police
support duties. The second EC155 is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2012.

“The EC155 impressed us with its performance, versatility and comfort,” stated
a representative from the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible
for the helicopter procurement project. “On top of that, it is a very quiet
machine, which makes the EC155 a good helicopter for discrete surveillance
work. For the upcoming Summer Davos forum, this will be a much-appreciated
feature when transporting VIPs and during aerial patrols.”

“We are very proud that our range of helicopters is serving the country well,
having been deployed for many major international events such as the Asian
Games in Guangzhou, the World Expo in Shanghai, and in a few days’ time, the
Summer Davos in Dalian,” said Eurocopter China chief executive officer Bruno
Boulnois. “This is a great testimony to the capability and reliability of our

Currently, there are a total of 16 EC155s operating in China, with the
largest single fleet of 11 owned by the CITIC Offshore Helicopter Company for
oil and gas operations.