Daher welcomes EASA approval for SETP


Daher TBM SETP approval

Daher has welcomed Europe’s endorsement of single-engine aircraft (SETP) in Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations. TBM turboprops are increasingly used for such flights worldwide.

During a committee meeting, the European Commission voted for an amendment to regulations that should lead to authorisation of commercial trips with single-engine turbine aircraft within six months. The remaining technical steps include a formal scrutiny period by the European Parliament and European Council to ensure the change in regulations is legally compliant.

Nicolas Chabbert, SVP of the Daher Airplane Business unit said: “The committee’s positive vote reflects the well-established safety record of single-engine turbine aircraft, and enables continental Europe to join other regions of the world – including the US – where commercial air transport operations have been approved for some time.”

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