Daher-Socata delivered 51 new TBM 900s in 2014


line of TBM 900s at the DAHER-SOCATA production facility in Tarbes, France

DAHER-SOCATA delivered 51 new TBM 900s in 2014, which represented a 27 per cent increase from 2013.

The company also took orders for 64 aircraft in 2014; it was the best year ever in terms of TBM sales volume and the second best year for the company’s aircraft programme since 1990.

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DAHER-SOCATA handled around 150 pre-owned aircraft transactions during the year. This increased activity followed DAHER-SOCATA’s introduction of the TBM 900 model in March 2014.

Stephane Mayer, president and CEO of DAHER-SOCATA, says: “2014 was one of the best years in the history of our TBM programme, bolstered by the TBM 900’s launch and its generation of new sales. Our decision to develop the TBM 900 was confirmed by the praise from customers and the media – who have described it as ‘a remarkable aircraft.’  This is a great success for DAHER-SOCATA’s teams and our global network, and I am pleased to be part of it.”

The majority of TBM 900s purchased in 2014 were for customers in the US and Canadian markets (representing 78 per cent), while new business also came from other key aviation regions of the world. South America accounted for 10 per cent, mostly in Brazil; Europe was next, with 8 per cent of the sales; and Asia-Pacific represented the remaining 4 per cent.

“This impressive sales success is the compensation for a more than three-year development program that has made the TBM 900 the ultimate very fast turboprop aircraft,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice-president of the DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Business Unit.

“I want to thank all customers who selected the TBM 900, as well as those who bought a used TBM. In addition, my appreciation goes to the DAHER-SOCATA teams, partners and our worldwide network for their constant commitment in satisfying the customers.”

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