Cryptocurrency holders are preparing to fly private to Super Bowl LIV


BitLux Super Bowl LIV

According to BitLux, a private jet provider with a cryptocurrency-centred business model, it’s that time of the year already. No, it’s not Christmas or New Year, but Super Bowl planning season. It’s now a few weeks away from the big game, it’s never too early to look ahead to the logistics surrounding travel, especially when Super Bowl LIV will be held at one of the world’s most important private aviation hubs: South Florida. Every year, traffic goes up nearly 50% in the location holding the pro football final, and 2020 won’t be an exception.

South Florida has developed into what is likely the highest concentration of private airports in the world, with 10 within a 75-mile radius: KTMB, KTNT, KMIA, KOPF, KHWO, KFLL, KFXE, KPMP, KBCT, KLNA, KPBI. An important number of flights arriving to the region depart from New York (Teterboro), 4,009 to be exact, according to Knight Frank’s 2019 Wealth Report. And the amount of flights in this route should only increase in 2020, at least in 25%, thanks to the Super Bowl.

What’s new in recent years? Well, how cryptocurrencies are shaping this market for brokers and operators alike, understanding that adapting to this trend and to crypto holders is part of the evolution of private aviation. Without going any further, BitLux is a private jet provider with a crypto-centred business, granting clients with the possibility to charter flights using all types of cryptocurrencies.

If you think about it, cryptocurrencies and private aviation share common traits as anonymity/privacy, efficiency, flexibility and safety. Therefore, it only makes sense for private jet providers to adapt to this trend, especially if you consider that chartering a 3-hour roundtrip flight on a jet can cost between 12 and 20 thousand dollars depending on the aircraft. So anywhere between 2 or 3 Bitcoins.

“We strive to be an individual’s or company’s extension for success. And we think that building our network of trusted partners through a system that knows no limitations as cryptocurrencies, is a recipe for success. Cryptocurrencies are an anonymous, efficient and secure method to enjoy private luxury travel. And we take care of the rest, by putting private back in private air travel”, states Kyle Patel, Executive Director at Bitlux.


Opa-Locka Executive airport is conveniently located only 12 minutes (5.7 miles) from Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins and the venue of Super Bowl LIV. With ground transportation already paid with your cryptocurrency purchase, you get off the jet and go straight to your seat. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. ET on February 2, therefore you can opt to get into town the same day, enjoy the game and the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

What happens after? Ground transportation waiting, you have the option to go straight to Opa-Locka and depart roughly 30 minutes after the game ends or, if your schedule allows, just stay and enjoy the South Beach nightlife.

Last year the Super Bowl weekend accounted for 50% of an average month for BitLux, and Patel expects that mark to rise next February.

“Every year the number of cryptocurrency transactions is increasing and the industries supporting them are getting more mature, private aviation included. If you pair that with Miami as the venue, we predict an important rise in overall charter bookings, via Fiat or cryptocurrency payments. Whatever the case, the flexibility granted by private aviation is unmatched; the possibility to choose the airport, the departure time and with whom you fly is a trait reserved only for this segment. But if something is certain, due to a heavy increase in demand, it’s never too early to book your private aircraft for Super Bowl LIV.”