Crew Chiefs: Bringing technology to pre-buys


Crew Chiefs Corporation has launched globally aiming to set a standard for overseeing pre-buy and other aircraft inspections. The firm is also developing proprietary technology, and having experts based around the world on all continents where aircraft pre-buy inspections occur.

Chris Buchholz, founder & CEO said: “Crew Chiefs’ customised software for inspection oversight results in a more disciplined approach to ensure the inspections are performed correctly, while enhancing transparency and improving productivity. The company’s quality management system (QMS) integrates all activities for continuous improvement.”

Buchholz is working with fellow founders, Mark Thibault, chief technology officer, and Warren Curry, chief operating officer.

“Thanks to Mark’s decades of remarkable OEM, operator and MRO technical leadership, and to Warren’s decades of outstanding aviation and OEM sales & marketing execution leadership, we are strongly positioned to lead our team of OEM-trained seasoned crew chiefs who are based around the world,” said Buchholz.

After an initial career in investment banking, Buchholz was a pioneer of business aviation in the Asia Pacific Region, where he led the growth of the largest aircraft operator and MRO in the region.