Covid-19 Live Blog: April 6 – Dassault helps French medical teams


The number of business jet flights around the world has fallen significantly. But many business aviation companies re active helping governments and charities.

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Universal Avionics helping make masks in Tucson

The mask assembly line in Tucson

Universal Avionics is hosting an assembly line for Hope Worldwide to make medical face masks in its Tucson faculty.

“This plan was developed in coordination with the University of Arizona, City of Tucson, Pima County, and the Arizona Technology Council, and is a great example of our community coming together,” said Steve Pagnucco, Vice President of Operations at Universal Avionics. “Within one week of reaching out to our partners to see how we could help, we had an assembly line safely set up to produce much needed personal protective equipment,” he added. “On behalf of Universal Avionics, I would like to thank everyone involved for their incredible responsiveness, cooperation, and teamwork.”

“We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support to protect our healthcare workers and first responders,” said Daniel Dicochea, Director of Hope Worldwide’s Tucson Chapter. “We want to equip as many of our heroes as we can against this pandemic,” he added. “The production of these shields is only possible because of community donors and volunteers.”

Elit’Avia CEO: The challenges that make partnership stronger

Iain Houseman, COO, of Elit’Avia has written a motivating letter:

“With the challenges of the ongoing and changing impacts of Covid-19 on the global aviation economy are unprecedented and we know we are all facing something that will change the industry forever going forward.

As our committed team of pilots and additional crew members have been working throughout the developing global health emergency to repatriate displaced nationals to their loved ones they have been supported by many of the dedicated staff in aviation to keep operations going. Its times like these when we all realise that teamwork and facing the challenges together means you can make amazing things happen. These same people go to work every day leaving their families during a time that has significant concerns for everyone and it’s the families at home who we often forget face many different challenges and quietly make things work while our staff are away. Their support is something we are always incredibly grateful for which is not often something we are able to get across. These are the times when everyone looks out for their colleagues and we have seen that with our amazing staff helping each other and their friends get through these challenging times.

As we see the demand for growing medical supplies our team are now supporting specialist cargo flights for medical supplies to those in urgent need.

The challenges of the workplace are now more complex than ever and having the support of regulators and sovereign nation authorities to help us work through the obstacles with safety as the number one goal we know that meeting these requirements has made a real difference to those in need.

All our partners have made incredible contributions and efforts to making flights and operations possible and as one of the largest operators of Bombardier Global aircraft our charter teams in Europe and Singapore are experts at working with governmental departments and multinational organisations to keep critical supplies moving and bring those stranded overseas home.

We also have a diversity of internal company expertise to draw on which has also seen our approach with partners strengthen the way we deliver our services. With CEO, chief pilot, our safety and training managers we have decades worth of aviation experience to work through the challenges and delivery solutions with partners. We have expertise in resilience and contingency planning through our COO who experiences in emergency response bring a different perspective to the way we interact with partners. Our partnership with all our suppliers ensures that we keep safety as the number one focus that everything else flows from and as a team we ensure the infection control safety systems we put in place together create a larger more interconnected system to work within.

These challenges make us stronger and FEAR, to an extent, is down to the story we tell ourselves, we choose to tell ourselves a different story and believe that together we can make the difference that so many need us to make.”


Dassault provides two aircraft to French government to fight Covid-19

Dasssault brought back 26 doctors and other medical personnel from Brest to Paris


Dassault Aviation has made two Falcon business jets available to the French Defense Ministry. The Falcon 8X and a Falcon 900, are being used as part of Operation Resilience helping to supply logistics and medical support for civilian coronavirus control.

On Sunday April 5 the two aircraft took a team of 26 doctors and other medical personnel from Brest, Brittany back to Paris. The team had accompanied COVID-19 patients to Brest on a special medical TGV train.

They are operated by Dassault Falcon Service which typically uses the aircraft to support business jet maintenance.


AsBAA asks members to fill in survey

Mr Zhendong Wu, AsBAA Chairperson

The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is asking members to complete a survey to help it lobby governments and authorities. It is asking for replies by Friday April 10. AsBAA chapter meetings are now taking place using Zoom.