Corporate Jet Investor wins Aerospace Media Award


Corporate Jet Investor has won a coveted journalism award for an article on autonomous aviation at The 2022 Aerospace Media Awards in London yesterday (Sunday, July 17th). We were also shortlisted in the categories for The Best Digital Submission and The Best Business Aviation Submission.

Now in their 10th year, the Aerospace Media Awards aim to recognise the achievement of journalists and publishers who the judges consider have made a significant contribution to aerospace journalism and publishing. The winning entry in the category Best Un-manned Systems was for the feature Autonomy takes off, published in Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly (CJIQ). Sponsored by General Atomics Aeronautical, the category celebrates the best writing about drones and un-manned aerial vehicles.

One of six entries in this category, the article designed by CJIQ art director Andy Gray, probed the promises made for autonomous aviation technology.

The feature canvasses the views of seven leading industry insiders in a bid to separate the fact from fiction about what progress has been made so far. It builds a picture of how autonomous aviation technology is working now and when it will deliver on promises to boost safety while cutting travel costs and carbon emissions. Along the way, we speak to manufacturers, investors, and aviation entrepreneurs worldwide to take the temperature of autonomous aviation. Read the article here and register for your free copy of CJIQ here.

Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) was also shortlisted in two other award categories: The Best Digital Submission, sponsored by McKinsey, and The Best Business Aviation Submission category, sponsored by Gulfsteam.

In the digital category CJI won a shortlisting for its new Semaphore service. Semaphore Intel uses Open-Source Intelligence (OSINTEL) to help aviation businesses quickly background check customers, suppliers and counterparties for possible flags and dangers to protect their business and reputation.

In The Best Business Aviation Submission category, CJI was shortlisted for the feature The Way to Wall Street, also published in CJIQ journal. This feature, based on exclusive interviews, charts the journey of Kenny Dichter’s Wheels Up from its launch in August 2013, with an order for 105 King Air 350is valued at $788m, to its listing on the New York Stock Exchange last year.

Meanwhile, Aerospace Media Awards judge Adam Konowe said the awards brochure: “Most award categories has more entrants year-on-year, bringing the total number of submissions to 450. Moreover, the subject matter has been impressively diverse and well executed gifting us with quality and quantity.”

The 2022 Aerospace Media Awards

 Winning entry

  • Best Un-manned Systems: The feature Autonomy takes off, published in Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly.


Shortlisted entries

  • The Best Digital Submission: Corporate Jet Investor’s Semaphore Intel
  • The Best Business Aviation Submission: The feature The Way to Wall Street, published in Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly.


The CJIQ feature on autonomous aviation won an award.