Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly – Issue 1


Fundamentally, business aviation is about three things: planes, people and passion.

If you love aircraft, we have some stunning Boeing Business Jet 777 concepts – a BBJ777-8 is yours for just $443 million (not including interior); Embraer’s new Praetor 600; and why DZYNE believes the future is Blended Wing Body aircraft.

For people-spotters, we have an in-depth interview with David Coleal who is riding high after the certification of the Global 7500; how Airbus Corporate Jet’s Stephanie von Linstow is the fourth generation of her family to be involved in aviation; a day in the life of Fabian Bello, CEO of Journey Aviation, who responds to emails and texts every morning while doing push ups (email him around 7am EST if you want to check this); and much more.

We hope you will find passion in every story. And in everything we do.

There are actually three ways to read Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly:

We hope you enjoy our longer form articles and stories. We want you to find them useful, fun to read (one of our core beliefs is that serious content does not need to be boring) and useful for your business.

If you have any suggestions for things we should write about, new sections or want to be involved in any way, please email me at [email protected]. Everyone in the industry has at least one brilliant story and we would love to tell yours (we can also change names to protect both the innocent and the guilty).

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped with and supported this first issue on behalf of our team.

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Best wishes for a wonderful, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Here’s to a fun and exciting 2019.


Cover: Coleal delivering on Bombardier’s promises
David Coleal re-joined Bombardier in 2015 as part of its turnaround team. Now things are looking a lot brighter.

Why you do not need to worry about the downturn
Things will not be as bad as last time.

The art of aircraft management 
Three operators on what keeps them busy.

Wine on a plane
What grapes have attitude at altitude?

Aircraft family
Stefanie von Linstow on how her great-great-grandfather inspired the Wright Brothers.

“I am on a plane”
Why passengers want to be connected.

Disruptors: Blended Wing Body Aircraft
DZYNE says tubes are the past.

First look: Embraer Praetor 600

First look: Boeing 777-X

“We are not worried about talking about mistakes”
Luxaviation’s Patrick Hansen on his global plans.

Lunch with John Matthews
How he became CEO of AirX.

Day in the life
Fabian Bello, CEO, Journey Aviation

Event report: CJI Miami 2018

Event report: Revolution.Aero



Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly aims to cover all of these.

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