Corporate Jet Investor Awards 2015: The winners


Best Private Bank for Business Jet Finance and Advisory EMEA 2015: Credit Suisse

As part of a large, internally active private and investment bank, Credit Suisse’s banking solutions go way beyond aircraft loans; they can cater to the corporate needs of their clients as well as serving them as a private person.

With a team that consists of bankers, pilots, engineers and lawyers, Credit Suisse has a very specific experience in aviation finance.

It has the ability to provide multi-asset financing (such as financing a combination of aircraft and other luxury assets for the same owner), Islamic finance and ECA-covered loans.

Best Business Jet Financier EMEA 2015: CIT Business Aircraft Finance

In 2014, CIT closed aircraft deals ranging from less than $5 million to up to $35 million.

It broke into two new regions – South Africa and Kazakhstan – and was also active in active in Russia, Cyprus and the UAE.

The company, which consists of experts from both banking and aviation backgrounds, approaches each deal uniquely, with structures that include PDP as well as permanent financing.

Most Innovative Financier EMEA 2015: AirFinance

AirFinance raised three times as much funding in the EMEA region throughout 2014 compared to 2013, closing deals in Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and the UK.

AirFinance is capable of lending in most African countries and its deals range from a $1 million aircraft to fleet worth over $500 million.

Notable deals last year included a Gulfstream G450 bought by a first time buyer in Nigeria, a G550 for a customer who was unable to obtain financing elsewhere and a Cessna M2 owned by a customer in Kuwait, but managed by an operator in Lebanon.

The lender prides itself on offering low rates and competitive terms for business jet buyers and in many case, it is the only option.

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has been a US market leader for over five years, with the capability to find aircraft finance in over 30 countries.

In Europe, it was most active in France, Germany, Belgium, UK and Ireland last year, although it actually saw a decrease of around 25 per cent in European activity.

Last year, it financed its first deals in France and Belgium, closed its first Gulfstream G280 deal and financed the sale of a Dassault Falcon 2000LX for an existing customer.

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: BNP Paribas

From sub $5 million to above $35 million, BNP Paribas saw a slight increase in European activity last year. It was active in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and France, with deals expected in Turkey and the Balkan area in 2015.

It closed pre-delivery payments, refinanced pre-owned aircraft and lent money to buyers of brand new long range business jet, while helping with sales.

BNP’s global focus and flexibility has seen it find finance for aircraft listed on a number of aircraft registries.

Best Business Jet Financier CEE and CIS 2015: UBS

UBS closed deals in a long list of countries last year that includes Switzerland, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Russia amongst others. It is also currenty ongoing talks for deals in Latvia, South Africa and Lithuania.

The company says it has seen a western shift in the market, having seen more business coming from the EMEA region.

Last year, it found finance for a VVIP Airbus A320 for a Middle East client, imported an ACJ into Ukraine during the riots and closed its first deals in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Best Business Jet Financier Africa 2015: Investec

Last year, Investec arranged deals for new and pre-owned aircraft ranging from $5 million to 35 million. In EMEA, it was active in Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. However, it has the ability to fund transactions in most African jurisdictions.

Investec has close ties with the major OEMs; it follows new and pre-owned corporate jet deliveries in Africa and other emerging markets and looks for repeat transactions from existing clients.

It considers transactions brought by manufacturers, brokers and clients on merits and has the ability to structure around adverse jurisdiction risk.

Best Business Jet Financier Middle East 2015: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank closed 10 aircraft transactions in 2014, all of which were above $5 million. The bank saw more activity in Europe in 2014 than the previous year, with most deals closing in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Russia and Nigeria. Still, it says it is always looking out for new regions and opportunities.

The bank continues to find finance for buyers of both brand new and pre-owned aircraft. Last year it arranged equity release from existing client aircraft to help fund PDP and delivery financing for a Middle Eastern client buying a brand new corporate airliner.

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Element Capital

Element was active on transactions in many EMEA jurisdictions last year, including UK, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Norway, France, Italy, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Nigeria.

While Element plans to significantly increase its presence in EMEA, it actually did less business in 2014 compared to 2013.

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Société Générale Equipment Finance

Spain, UK, France and Sweden are all on Société Générale’s radar this year, after closing deals in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy in 2015.

It was particularly proud of its helicopter transactions in 2014 and saw an increase in EMEA activity.

The banks considers strong local presence combined with its global expertise as what makes it different from its competitors.

Aircraft of the Year: Embraer Legacy 500

Since it entered the business jet market in 2001, Embraer’s Legacy aircraft have quietly built up a very strong reputation.

Embraer is a comparatively new manufacturer on the block, says Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, co-founder and CEO of London Executive Aviation. “One of the attractions is its reliability. We have nine Legacies in our fleet and out dispatch rate is something like 99 per cent.”

The Legacy 500 follows on from the Legacy 600/650 series. The first model was delivered to a Brazilian customer in August 2014, with FAA certification following in December of the same year.

The aircraft was the clear favourite amongst our panel of aircraft brokers, with the Bombardier Challenger 350 coming in second place.