Corporate Aircraft Capital – a new leasing company


James Moon

On the March 12 this year, James Moon, the founder and owner of the James Moon Group, created a new business aviation lessor, Corporate Aircraft Capital.

James formed the company himself, to help satisfy the increased demand in corporate-aircraft leasing that he was seeing first hand through his Moon Jet Group international aircraft-sales business.

James is CAC’s president while the chief operating officer is Neil Hershman who is based in New York.

Corporate Aircraft Capital says it understands why you want to operate your own aircraft. Whether it is to save time, for the comfort or for the endless benefits of operating your very own aircraft, the company knows why you or your business needs an aircraft.

It promises to work around the clock to understand your aircraft needs and requirements, ensuring you lease the right aircraft type, the one that is best suited for you or your business.

All of which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of operating a corporate aircraft without the worries that come with owning an aircraft. CAC says ‘let us take care of that for you’.

Gone are the days of buying an aircraft, the restless nights and all the problems that come with aircraft ownership – leasing an aircraft is the way forward.

Corporate Aircraft Capital says it is committed to assisting all its clients with a full range of attractive and flexible aircraft-leasing options that best suit their aircraft requirements and flight operations.

The company allows businesses, corporations and individuals to access the endless benefits of aircraft leasing through the Corporate Aircraft Capital portfolio of aircraft available for lease. And this also helps remove the hassles of clients being stuck with their aircraft when they wanted to sell or upgrade to something newer, faster or with a larger cabin.

As James says: “I have worked with too many aircraft owners worldwide who wanted to upgrade to something newer and were tired of being stuck with their aircraft at the end, waiting and waiting for their aircraft to sell. Leasing an aircraft is a far-better and more-attractive option than owning the aircraft outright.”

Corporate Aircraft Capital

Corporate Aircraft Capital has completed its first aircraft acquisition, a new-build 2019 Cessna Citation XLS+ for a European-based client. A second and third leased aircraft are being negotiated and it is hoped that deals will be concluded very soon, maybe before this year’s EBACE.

To contact James directly, please use his email [email protected]

About James Moon Group

The James Moon Group is active within both the private and the commercial aviation sectors through two aviation-related organisations – Moon Jet Group and AerMoo — that James Moon himself founded when he was just twenty-one years of age.

With the creation of Corporate Aircraft Capital, the James Moon Group has expanded into the business-aviation lessor market.