Convolus launches automated Invoice Processing tool


Irena Deville

With Business Aviation Operators receiving and manually processing an average of 3,000 invoices per annum per aircraft, Convolus has developed a solution to help its Members automating this costly task.

In parallel to launching the Convolus FBO Network – where Members can benefit from preferred conditions with selected quality FBOs at close to 100 airports across Europe – Convolus has created an automated invoice processing service for its Members: Invoicee.

Invoicee automatically extracts the data out of invoices received from a Supplier and provides it to the Member via email in for easy importing in accounting systems as well as making it available on the Convolus platform for reporting purposes. This allows Members not having to process manually the invoice – saving time, costs and rendering the data more accurate.

Today – after a beta test over the summer – Convolus is happy to announce the launch of new features to Invoicee:

Automated Price Checking: Invoicee automatically checks against Convolus’ data base that the invoice is correct. If discrepancies are detected, the system notifies the Convolus team, which resolves the price discrepancy on behalf of the Operator.

Automated Flight Matching: Invoicee automatically checks whether the aircraft was at that airport on that day indicated on the Invoice. A time-consuming task currently done manually by operators.

“We know that the processing of a large number of invoices from a significant number of suppliers remains an organisational and financial burden to Operators. Processing invoices manually also restricts the Operators’ ability to allocate costs correctly, check pricing applied by suppliers and analyse their spending. We are seeing a big interest in using Invoicee from those Members who want to stay ahead of the competition by streamlining their invoicing processes and keeping a close eye on their cost base – an essential in the competitive marketplace,”’ said Irena Deville, CEO and Co-Founder of Convolus.

Invoicee is a free service provided to Members when purchasing through Convolus but can be customised to Operators’ wider requirements on a project basis.

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