Colibri Aircraft appoints corporate communications manager


Amanda Westerfield of Colibri Aircraft

Colibri Aircraft has appointed Amanda Westerfield as manager for corporate communications.

Oliver Stone, CEO of Colibri Aircraft said: “Amanda is a marketing person by excellence, but also the key support person in the process of customer acquisition.”

“Amanda is a marketing person by excellence.”

“She engages selective strategies and targeted marketing activities for effectively convincing customers. Because of her punctuality and organizational skills, she manages all documents related to purchase and sales transactions by Colibri Aircraft for serving our demanding customers. For this position, it takes a special person like Amanda who stays on top of things,” added Stone.

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Amanda Westerfield said: “I appreciate the uniqueness of each aircraft in Colibri Aircraft’s portfolio. I am able to analyze customer behaviour and tendency while buying specific aircraft and therefore I comprehend how customers may feel and think about their future aircraft.”

She joined the Colibri team four years ago. Amanda’s past experience was in the field of commercial real estate and property management, as well as FBO activities which sparked her initial interest in the private and executive aviation industry.

In December 2012, Corporate Jet Investor spoke to Oliver stone, please watch the short video