Clay Lacy’s 30,000 sq ft solar panel installation is operational


Solar Panels on Clay Lacy Aviation facility

Clay Lacy Aviation has installed a 500 kilowatt (kW) capacity solar array covering around 30,000 sq ft of roof space at the firm’s Van Nuys Airport headquarters, hangar and maintenance facility.

Generating 750,000 kW hours of electricity each year, the 500 kW system will offset the equivalent of 530 metric tons of CO2, the same amount generated by driving more than 1.3m passenger miles in an average car, or burning over 584,000 lbs of coal. The California Green Business Network member’s Van Nuys energy costs will be reduced by 56% annually.

“We are committed to operating sustainably and making significant progress toward a net-zero carbon footprint,” said Scott Cutshall, senior vice president, Business Operations, Clay Lacy Aviation. “These improvements are the first of many to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

The Van Nuys solar panel installation is the latest point in Clay Lacy’s long-term plan to operate more sustainably. Additional facility upgrades include 200 energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and 44 vehicle charging stations.

The company has been working closely with fuel suppliers and aviation industry associations to foster the development and use of sustainable jet fuel. The California-based operator also uses a carbon offset programme for business jet aircraft owners overseen by World Kinect Energy Services. Customers can purchase carbon credits to offset 100% of the CO2 emissions created by their aircraft.