Clay Lacy Aviation becomes first in charter market to offer talk and text


Clay Lacy Aviation becomes the first business aircraft operator to offer GoGo talk and text onboard.

Clay Lacy Aviation will be able to offer passengers talk and text service from their own smartphones using Aircell GoGo Biz.

“We pride ourselves in being the first to deliver the latest technology and most requested onboard services to our clients,” said Clay Lacy Aviation president Brian Kirkdoffer.

“In today’s business environment, this leap forward by Aircell offers passengers improved productivity and convenience. It’s also another example of Clay Lacy Aviation’s commitment to providing each customer superior safety, service and value,” Kirkdoffer added.

John Wade, Aircell’s executive vice president and general manager said: “Clay Lacy Aviation’s programme to make Gogo Text & Talk service available to passengers will set a new standard in the charter and aircraft management industry. We’re very proud to have our system selected by such a well-known and respected organisation.”