C&L purchase 14 CF34 Engines


Tim Brecher

Bangor, Maine – 9 May 2022 – C&L Engine Solutions, a C&L Aviation Group company, has purchased 14, CF34-3B1 engines to support the 50-passenger CRJ200 series airliner and corporate operators of the Bombardier Challenger 604, 605, and 850.

“These engines are a great opportunity for C&L to work with operators on creative solutions to help keep their aircraft flying,” said Tim Brecher, President of C&L Engine Solutions. “With whole engine or module exchanership horizonges, green time leases, and customised engine work scopes we help operators align cost to own.”

C&L Engine Solutions specialises in commercial and corporate aircraft engine transactions. The company trades, leases, and acquires assets for large and small engines, and offers management services to decrease the burden on operators and leasing companies.

As part of the C&L one-stop-solution approach, customers will be able to get all the help needed with engine transactions in one place. That saves time and money, and it ensures that customers are getting the best deal possible for their investment.

C&L Engine Solution’s leased and owned portfolio management services can be customized to meet each engine owner’s or investor’s specific needs. They offer consignments, remarketing services, technical advisement, lease monitoring, cash management, accounts receivable management, and financial accounting services.