C&L Aviation Group signs order for multiple ERJ 135/145 Semi Private Aftermarket Modifications


C&L Aviation ERJ135 semi private interior

Bangor, Maine – 26 May 2021 – C&L Aviation Services has signed an additional contract for multiple ERJ 135 and 145 semi-private aircraft modifications. The upgrades come on the heels of recently completing similar upgrades on a number of ERJ 135 aircraft.

The project consists of converting the aircraft to a 16-23 seat first-class experience complete with in-seat power, LED lighting, WIFI, removal of overhead bins, upgraded leather interior seating, 1X1 seating using C&L’s flat-floor modification STC, and the installation of a premium Bongiovi speakerless cabin audio system.

C&L, a world-wide leader in Embraer interior modifications and reconfigurations began upgrading the cabins of ERJ aircraft in 2018 and since then has performed over 20 such projects for multiple customers ranging from 16 to 30-seat conversions. Many of these plans were in place before the onset of the global pandemic, however since that time C&L has begun talks with numerous customers looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions that provide passengers with a luxurious, more comfortable, and socially distanced method of air travel.

C&L has been modifying and upgrading the interiors and systems on ERJs for several years and specialises in converting these aircraft into business-class and luxury jets. C&L also provides on-site engineering, avionics support, aircraft exterior painting, and heavy maintenance services. The company also carries one of the world’s largest inventories of ERJ parts in their warehouse, which helps to reduce maintenance times associated with these types of projects. Currently, the company is developing several other ERJ upgrades including a new 1st-class seat design.

“C&L has been totally committed to providing a full suite of services to Embraer operators for years,” said Calvin Tuitt, Senior VP of Business Development MRO. “We believe that these solutions can be best accomplished by aftermarket facilities like ours because of our experience, flexibility and proven cost-saving processes.”

C&L’s offerings for operators looking to upgrade their ERJ 135/145 aircraft include a tiered package of options which are built for certain price points. Operators looking for an interior that is truly unique, can chose from C&L’s à-la-cart options and innovative solutions to help turn their vision into reality.

“Customers continue to bring their aircraft to us for semi-private upgrades because of our willingness to provide the level of interior conversion they require to achieve their goals,” said Tuitt. “It’s been refreshing for each customer I have spoken with when I explain all that we are capable of here at C&L, and how experienced we already are in performing this type of work.”