CJI Town Hall: ‘The key technology question to ask’


There is one key question to ask about new business aviation technology, according to Lee Brewster, Flightdocs director of customer solutions. “Is it increasing efficiency without increasing your intrusion into people’s day?,” questioned Brewster at Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall online meeting this week.

It’s a question borrowed from a client, explained Brewster. “One of my favourite quotes from customers is that the [technology] product allowed me to increase oversight of what my technicians were doing. But decrease my intrusion into their day. That’s perfect when you are looking for a new technology solution.” (See video clip below).

Brewster said modern customers were looking for an evolving product that well into the suite of other technology products used by the client. “What I always look for are mobile capabilities,” said Brewster. “Do people have the information they need at their finger tips when they want it. Does your flight crew have the information they need – your pilots and flight attendants. Can they access it and can they act on it?”

Corporate Jet Investor’s Town Hall online meeting took place on Wednesday October 21th.


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