CJI Town Hall: ‘September turbo prop utilisation 10% up on January’


Turbo prop utilisation last month was 10% higher than in January 2020, reflecting the strong charter market, according to Delray Dobbins, Pratt & Whitney Canada, ESP Sales and Global Strategy.

“I’m reading a lot about charter being up and we are seeing those same metrics coming in through our operators,” Dobbins told Corporate Jet Investors Town Hall online meeting. “That dovetails into the charter market being really hot right now.” Watch Dobbin’s comments about turbo prop utilisation rates via the link below.

“Because of the depth and breadth of our product line, we get to see these different markets – from turbo props to turbo fans and turbo shafts in helicopters,” he added. “Each market segment has behaved differently.”

The turbo shaft segment in helicopters “hasn’t wavered” reflecting the engines’ use in aircraft operated by the emergency medical services and municipalities.

The ultilisation of small and medium-sized business jets are not quite back to where they were before the Covid-19 pandemic but almost within single digits of that figure. In the large jets category, there was still a lag.

“We think once the country-to-county travel restrictions open up, large cabin aircraft will be back as strong as the lower and medium segments,” said Dobbins.


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