CJI London on camera: India is ‘a booming market’



The Indian market is “booming” and is expected to remain strong, according to Simon Davies, sales director, Global Jet Capital.

At the CJI London 2023 conference, Davies, who covers sales in the Middle East, India, UK, Africa, Turkey and Eastern Canada, said: “Contrary to the rest of the world, the Indian market is a booming market with some challenges that are faced by individuals related to protests around ownership of corporate aircraft. But they’re still not deferring the activity and we think that market’s going to remain quite strong.”

He told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) that the UK market for private jets is “slower than some of the other markets”, having “stumbled our way through what Brexit has been doing to operations”, although he is “still optimistic there are going to be opportunities” for the region.

Discussing the market in the Middle East, Davies said he is “starting to see a lot of activity”. He said a challenge in that part of the world, from a financial perspective, is that many aircraft are bought with cash, which could lead to refinancing in the future. 

Global Jet Capital hosted the Welcome Cocktail Reception on the first day of the CJI London conference.

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