CJI Interview: Eric Trappier, CEO Dassault Falcon – Speaking about the Falcon 6X


Dassault launched the Falcon 6X on February 28 as a replacement for the now-canceled Falcon 5X. Dassault had to cancel the Falcon 5X due to ongoing issues with the Silvercrest engines that were due to power it.

The Falcon 6X is based on the same wide fuselage cross-section of the aircraft it replaces and now sports Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D engines.

After the press conference, CJI caught up with Dassault chairman & CEO Eric Trappier, and asked him first to talk about the new aircraft.

Later we ask him what will happen to the Falcon 5X aircraft that were in various stages of production before the program was canceled, as well as asking if the aircraft that had already flown is now destined for a museum.

Lastly, after finding trademark applications for Falcon 9X and Falcon 10X, we ask Trappier about the next Falcon that will be launched.

You can watch the video on YouTube below. Of, if you are unable to view it you can click here to watch the video on YouKu.

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