Citation Ten completes first flight


Cessna Citation Ten makes first flight on 17 January 2012

Citation Ten prototypeCessna Aircraft announced
that the Citation Ten prototype made its first flight on 17 January 2012. The
flight lasted more than two hours and landed at Wichita,
Kansas Mid-Continent Airport
where Cessna’s main manufacturing facility is located.

“It took a significant
amount of work by a large number of people to get us to this milestone today
and I am happy to report that the aircraft performed exceptionally well and handling
characteristics were excellent; just as predicted,” said Michael Voigt,
Cessna’s engineering test pilot who flew the Ten prototype.

Voigt continued “All
systems functioned as expected including the Garmin G5000 avionics system. We
are looking forward to a successful flight test program and FAA

FAA type certification is
expected in mid-2013 with first aircraft deliveries planned for the second half
of 2013.

“Our first flight,
today, was a great success. We have a great team working on this project and I
know they will take this dominant aircraft up a notch,” said Kelly Reich,
business leader for the Cessna Citation X and Ten.

The Ten is a mid-size
aircraft with updated design and performance, enabling it to get to altitude
faster and travel farther than the Citation X (Model 750). First announced at
the 2010 NBAA convention, the Citation Ten is designed for greater fuel
efficiency and increased comfort for up to nine passengers and two pilots.