Cessna starts Citation X+ deliveries


first Cessna Citation X+ business jet with Gerry Buchheit

Cessna Citation X+ receives its FAA certification and begins deliveries to customers.
first Cessna Citation X+ business jet with Gerry Buchheit

first Cessna Citation X+ business jet with Gerry Buchheit

Cessna Aircraft has gained FAA type certification for the new Citation X+ mid-size business jet and has delivered the first model to Gerry Buchheit of Orchard Park, New York, who owns and operates road construction and commercial real estate development companies.

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Buchheit, the new owner, said: “When selecting an aircraft that would best fit the needs of my businesses, the Citation X+ was a clear winner. We have clients located across the country and having the fastest civil aircraft in my fleet provides me with something that is priceless to my operations – time.”

The new Citation X+ has seating for up to 12 passengers, can fly a maximum altitude of 51,000 ft, a maximum speed of Mach 0.935 (617 mph, 536 ktas) and an increased maximum range of 3,408 nautical miles.

Scott Ernest, president and CEO of Textron Aviation, said: “Cessna is once more setting the benchmark for fast, fuel-efficient, high-performing business jets with the entry into service of the Citation X+. Much of the input for the design and performance upgrades came from owners of the more than 300 Citation X jets in service.”

“The Citation X+ offers increased payload and greater cruise speeds. It is also 15 inches longer than its predecessor, providing extra passenger legroom in the forward club seating area. That’s an essential feature because the Citation X+’s longer range not only make it possible to travel from New York to Los Angeles in just four hours, but also non-stop legs from New York to Paris, Dubai to Singapore or Panama City to São Paulo,” added Ernest.

There is one external very noticeable difference from a Citation X and Citation X+, the new aircraft has winglets. This allows the aircraft to cruise more efficiently at higher altitudes and to use less fuel.

More than 6,600 Citations have been delivered to customers around the world since the first Cessna Citation business jet entered into service in 1972.