Cessna announces larger, more advanced Citation Ten


Cessna has launched the Citation Ten, a larger, modified version of the Citation X.

It will have a new Garmin G5000 avionics suite, advanced cabin management system, and more powerful and efficient Rolls-Royce engines.

“The launch of the Citation Ten is an example of our commitment, repeated throughout the recent downturn, to new product development, and it’s a signal that we intend to do what we need to do to maintain a general aviation industry leadership position,” said Jack Pelton, Cessna chairman, president and CEO. “We’ve teamed with Garmin and with Rolls-Royce to conceive an almost perfect combination of speed, performance, ease of operation and productivity in one airframe – the Citation Ten.”

Cessna says the first flight will be in 2011 with the first delivery in 2013.

The Citation Ten is 15 inches longer than the Citation X and has winglets. It is able to fly 211 nautical miles (391 kilometres) further.

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