Citation Latitude prototype fulfills speed promises


prototype Cessna Citation Latitude overflying the factory

Cessna celebrates a testing milestone, as the prototype Citation Latitude achieves full envelope performance for maximum speed.
prototype Cessna Citation Latitude overflying the factory

The prototype Citation Latitude flies past Cessna’s service centre in Wichita.

Cessna celebrates a major performance milestone, as the Citation Latitude achieves full envelope performance for its maximum speed (440 KTAS, 506 mph), Mach speed (0.80) and altitude (45,000 ft) on its third test flight.

The aircraft was cleared for a direct climb to 45,000 ft with a gross take-off weight of 29,000 lbs.

Scott Ernest, president and CEO of Cessna, said: “Following last week’s first flight, we are seeing the Citation Latitude’s high-speed capabilities. The Latitude is an aircraft that delivers a lot of firsts from Cessna – the wide fuselage, the stand-up cabin with a flat floor, auto-throttles, the electric door and the improved cabin environment. All these achievements stem from listening to the voice of the customer and getting down to the business of delivering what customers need and desire.”

“Cessna’s Citation Latitude is a breakthrough aircraft in many ways, and these successful flights are a testament to our rigorous testing procedures. The Citation Latitude is a clear and resounding affirmation of Cessna’s commitment to new product development, and we feel it delivers an incredible amount of performance and style to the mid-size category,” added Ernest.

Certification for the Citation Latitude is expected in the second quarter of 2015.

Michael Thacker, senior vice president of engineering at Cessna, said: “From an engineering perspective, I am very proud our team has designed an aircraft that is proceeding in a very predictable, reliable manner and displaying characteristics of a very mature system in its first few flights.”

The next series of flight tests for the Latitude will focus on low-speed performance.