Chinese business jet fleet grew by 40% in 2012


A new study from Asian Sky Group has shown that the business jet fleet in Greater China grew to 336 by the end of 2012.

The size of the business jet fleet in Greater China grew by 40% throughout 2012 to 336, according to a study published by Asian Sky Group, an aircraft brokerage headquartered in Hong Kong.

Reflecting recent trends in the wider market, 70% of business jets based in China are large cabin jets or bigger – including aircraft in the super large, ultra-long range and corporate airliner categories – and these aircraft types were also responsible for 91% of the fleet’s growth last year.

The report titled ‘Greater China Business Jet Fleet Study for 2012’ claimed that China accounted for 57% of the total fleet, with 33% of Chinese business jets based in Hong Kong at the year end.

Gulfstream remains the most popular business jet manufacturer in Greater China – largely due to the G550 and G450 – with a 36% share of the market at (122 aircraft) and Bombardier follows with 29% (97 aircraft).

There were also 18 Airbus corporate airliners based in Greater China at the end of 2012.

For a copy of the full report, please contact Asian Sky Group at: [email protected]