China’s ‘Superior Aviation Town’ could become Beijing’s business aviation gateway


Superior Aviation Town, Beijing

A new development to the east of Beijing’s Capital International Airport could become the business aviation gateway to China.
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An artists rendering of Superior Aviation Town

Known as ‘Superior Aviation Town’, a new development that includes an executive airport could become the business aviation gateway not only to Beijing, but to the rest of China as well.

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The development, just outside Beijing’s sixth ring road, aims to become the centre of general aviation manufacturing in the country, and will include an exhibition centre, housing for up to 200,000 people and a fully functioning executive airport that will be dedicated to business and general aviation.

Current plans at the airport, due to be completed in two years time, call for parking for 50 aircraft and a single runway.

However the airport will be designed with expansion in mind, and could see a later development phase that will add a second runway, along with parking spaces for an additional 100 aircraft.

Not all of those will be private jets though, as the owners hope that the airport will become the home of the first Chinese aero club, as well as a flying school.

The owners also hope that they can attract manufacturers and suppliers from outside the country as well, and will offer a fully bonded duty-free area that will allow the free movement of goods in and out of the country.

With access to Beijing’s Capital Airport limited to one slot an hour during busy times, private jet operators will operators will welcome the choice of an alternative airport for Beijing.

“I think the interest and excitement stems from a couple of things that make us different than what others are doing in China” says Tim Archer, CEO of Superior Aviation Groups. “First of all we are much more than just an executive airport or an industrial project for manufacturing.

“It is our intent to become a medium for those companies in the West that want to come to China and be part of the future general aviation growth here and provide services to help them get established and to help relieve, or at least reduce, their fears and concerns over doing business here.

“At the same time we are trying to help build on the China side the understanding that infrastructure is not just airspace (Although that is extremely important) but demand and excitement for GA has to be created here in China at the end user level, Flight training, MRO and aftermarket services need to be established. We are trying to touch all aspects and want as many areas throughout China to do the same.”

Competition for the executive airport side of Superior Aviation Town could come from Minsheng, who announced earlier in the year that it is working on their own airport 60 km from down-town Beijing in Sanhe.