Alison Price On Air launches new onboard catering service


Alison Price On Air launches first ever ‘Chef in the Sky’ service

Alison Price On Air chefsThe London-based in-flight catering business Alison Price On Air announced that it is launching a new service named ‘Chef in the Sky’. The new service provides a personal chef to accompany a private flight to prepare and cook meals for clients whilst on board the aircraft.  Chef in the Sky offers both on-board meal preparation
and bespoke menu design with the added benefits of precise cooking and presentation.

Designed to accommodate larger, more complex menus such as those with  between three and eight courses. Bespoke menu design enables clients to select particular favourites and tailor the menu to accommodate a variety of tastes, cultures or dietary requests. Alternatively, clients may simply request chef-prepared meals from a pre-selected menu. The service also includes the added bonus of a complimentary sommelier service with their wine list. Flight attendants can call for specialist advice on storing wine, purchasing wine, wines that work well at altitude and appropriate wines to pair with particular dishes.

Daniel Hulme, director of in-flight services at Alison Price On Air comments: “We’re aiming to create the ultimate on-board catering product. This is the first time that anyone has offered such a service and the offering is part of our continual aim to provide clients with a wide range of options when it comes to their in-flight catering experience.  We anticipate that Chef in the Sky will appeal to corporations, private owners of the heavy jet airliners such as the BBJs, ACJs, and VIP charter companies.”

Charging will work on an hourly fee plus expenses for the on-board Chef in the Sky service with menu design offered on a complimentary basis.  Consultancy fees will be charged for complex menu design requests and daily rates will apply if chefs are required for a return journey.

Chef in the Sky is available immediately on all private heavy jet flights including the Boeing Business Jet and the Airbus ACJ from all London Airports.  Alison Price On Air hopes to extend the service in future to additional private and charter flights from London.