Charter firm flyExclusive hires former USAF colonel as COO


Private jet charter firm flyExclusive has hired former United States Air Force Colonel Donn Yates as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), as it prepares for further growth.

Yates’s mission be to draw on experience gained in his 28-year Air Force career to optimise fleet operations and logistics for flyExclusive, as the company continues to grow.

Mike Guina, President, flyExclusive said: “We are honoured to welcome Donn Yates to flyExclusive, as his military background and expertise in cutting-edge operational practices make him the perfect addition to our leadership team.” Guina added: “As both a passionate flyer and an innovative thinker, he brings deep knowledge of fleet logistics and operations that will be invaluable in helping us grow flyExclusive and deliver the world-class service our customers and partners expect.”

Yates gained experience working in volatile situations worldwide, including a wealth of combat experience and more than 2,000 flight hours flying the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle  twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft. In 2018 he assumed command of the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina.

“flyExclusive has a tremendous opportunity to fuel ongoing growth and I look forward to working with Mike and the team to make this opportunity a reality,” said Yates. “Together we will continue to grow flyExclusive into a customer service leader in private aviation, a great place to work and a great partner, both locally in North Carolina and nationwide.”

The air charter firm said it was continuing to expand its floating fleet of more than 60 light to heavy jet aircraft and has added 11 aircraft this year. It has also expanded its global capabilities with the launch of flyExclusive International, which offers on-demand point-to-point long-range service to the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Meanwhile, flyExclusive’s direct-to-consumer Jet Club programme, which offers private flying memberships has grown by more than 800% this year, according to the company.


Donn Yates’ previous office: the cockpit of  the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle tactical fighter aircraft.