Chapman Freeborn delivers aid to Syrian and Turkish earthquake victims


Air charter specialist Chapman Freeborn has delivered humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey following the disaster last month.

The combined death toll in Turkey and Syria is thought to have surpassed 50,000. Both nations were devastated by two earthquakes on February 6th, followed by another two on February 20th.

The firm’s humanitarian Emergency Response Team said it has worked around the clock to source and secure aircraft in what has become a “volatile market with ever-dwindling capacities”.

Despite the challenges, Chapman Freeborn said it has chartered numerous aid flights to affected regions from the US, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain, Belgium, India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Singapore and the Philippines.

Neil Dursley, chief commercial officer, Chapman Freeborn said he travelled to Dubai shortly after the first earthquake to meet with Giuseppe Saba, CEO, International Humanitarian City, to discuss how the firm could assist.

“The tragic situation in Turkey and Syria is heart-breaking,” said Dursley. “The Chapman Freeborn Emergency Response Team was activated immediately upon learning of the initial huge earthquake.”

According to Dursley, the years of civil war have made delivering aid to Syria very challenging. However, the firm said its team navigated embargoes and closed borders, negotiating with local authorities, to ensure the aid reaches those in need.

David Tasker, director, Government & Humanitarian, Chapman Freeborn said: “The worldwide compassion expressed following this disaster just underlines all that is good amongst the human race. The whole aviation industry and associated industries were quick to react, with Chapman Freeborn proud to be at the forefront with their support.”

The company, part of the Avia Solutions Group, said it will continue to deliver aid to the nations, where millions of people continue to be affected by the events.

“Our teams work relentlessly to help those in need and the efforts of the whole industry must be commended,” said Tasker. “We will of course continue to support people in the affected regions over the coming weeks and months.”