‘Changing buyer behaviour gave confidence to launch European Jet Card’


PrivateFly was already planning a 2020 Jet Card launch in Europe before Covid-19, however, changes in air travellers’ buying behaviour gave even greater reason to feel confident in the demand, Adam Twidell, CEO, told Corporate Jet Investor. Reassured by burgeoning requests from ad hoc charter customers and newcomers to private aviation, PrivateFly is launching a guaranteed availability, fixed-rate jet card.

In the US, sister company, Sentient Jet, is seeing strong card sales, including many new to private aviation, and PrivateFly believes the same growth opportunity exists in Europe. The Jet Card offers 15 peak days in Europe and members can switch aircraft category. Also, given parent company Directional Aviation’s presence on either side of the Atlantic, PrivateFly Jet Card customers can fly both in Europe and North America. Members can access the Sentient Jet US programme at standard rates –- with no surcharge, while Sentient cardholders can do the same in Europe.

PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell said many customers and prospects are expected to eschew airlines for at least the next 12 months due to concerns about Covid-19. “They want to know what they will pay so they can better plan in advance. And of course, they want to minimise potential exposure to the deadly virus.”

The entry point is 25 hours, and the card is non-refundable, but funds never expire. There is also an escrow account option and you can use funds for on-demand charter. Up to five lead passengers can share a single account and select from multiple aircraft on the day of travel.

The new card offers fixed one-way pricing on light, midsize and large cabin private jets. Light jets are priced at €5,900 per hour; €7,950 for midsize jets, and €11,700 per hour for large-cabin aircraft. Pricing wise there are two zones, with Zone 2 at a 30% premium. Impacting all flights that start or end in Zone 2 or are wholly within it.

Zone 1 includes: England, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain including Balearic Islands, Portugal, Italy including Sicily and Sardinia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

Zone 2 includes: Scotland, the Greek mainland, Malta, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Morocco, and the cities of Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca in Romania, and Sofia inBulgaria.

The announcement comes a week after parent of Flexjet and Sentient Jet debuted a new on-demand charter brand, FXAIR. For parent Directional Aviation, it joins NetJets, Vista Global’s VistaJet and XO, Air Partner, and Air Charter Service with fixed-rate card programs on both sides of the Atlantic. [Hotlinks to your story story and Al’s One Minute Week in the Opinions section]