Challenger 604 Operators Look To Duncan Aviation For Collins Aerospace Fusion Upgrades


Duncan Aviation Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion

Lincoln, NEB. — Duncan Aviation recently announced that demand remains strong for the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion upgrade in Challenger 604 aircraft. The company has installed a number of Fusion integrated avionics systems in Challenger 604 aircraft since the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) was made available, and Duncan Aviation customers have continued to express an interest in the system.

“The Pro Line Fusion is a scalable system that provides increased reliability to our Challenger 604 customers who are faced with repeated repairs and looming obsolescence issues with their current flight deck equipment,” said Avionics Sales Rep Scott Kruce. “This system replaces obsolete CRTs and provides Wide Area Augmentation System/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS LPV), Synthetic Vision System (SVS), and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast out (ADS-B out) as part of the base installation, all of which improve pilots’ situational awareness and reduced workload.”

The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion has the following, powerful baseline features:

  • Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A) capability and ADS-B-Out-compliance to the DO-260B standard
  • Better landing minimums with WAAS and LPV approaches
  • Radius-to-Fix (RF) legs to access efficient curved routes
  • SVS with terrain, obstacles, and airport highlighting
  • High-resolution topographical maps
  • Touchscreen primary displays
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Memorized flight deck formats
  • Terminal charts and enhanced maps
  • Automatic display and sensor reversion

This complex installation pairs well with upcoming large inspections that are due on the Challenger 604s. Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Sales experts recommend that customers upgrade to the Collins Fusion while their aircraft is already at one of the three main Duncan Aviation facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; or Provo, Utah, for scheduled maintenance, complete paint, and/or interior.

“Aside from the STC holder, Duncan Aviation has performed more Fusion upgrades on Challenger 604s than any other Collins Aerospace Dealer, and we’re pleased to offer this reliable, versatile system to our Challenger 604 customers,” says Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Completion Modification Service Sales Nate Klenke. “We’ve been part of the Fusion upgrade program since 2016, having upgraded dozens of Citation CJ3 flight decks with the Collins Pro Line Fusion, and we’re now able to offer this powerful suite to our Challenger 604 customers. Operators have the option of visiting any of Duncan Aviation’s three main facilities or many of our Satellite locations nationwide for this installation along with the full complement of other services Duncan Aviation provides to business jet operators around the world.”