Cessna launch the Citation Longitude


Cessna announce the 4,000 nautical miles Longitude business jet at EBACE in Geneva

Citation LongitudeCessna introduced its newest
and longest-range business jet, the super mid-size Citation Longitude at EBACE
in Geneva. In
the last few months, Cessna have also announced the Citation M2 and Citation

The Citation Longitude will
fly at 0.86 mach and have a range of 4,000 nautical miles, this means that a non-stop flight from London to Dubai
or Paris to New York is possible. Cessna have priced the
new Longitude at $25.99m.

Scott Ernest, Cessna president and chief executive officer said: “The
Citation Longitude sets itself apart with the largest Citation cabin,
intercontinental range and a price point unmatched by other business jets with
similar performance. This super mid-size jet sets a new standard for cabin
efficiency, connectivity and stylish comfort.”

The Citation Longitude will be powered by two Snecma Silvercrest engines, with
11,000 lbs of thrust.

“We are thrilled to
bring the Silvercrest engine to Cessna customers because of its best-in-class
efficiency, reliability and quality,” Ernest said. “This engine is
expected to take the Citation Longitude to a new level and give our customers
the range, efficiency and noise-reduction they need to be successful in today’s
competitive environment.”

The Citation Longitude will feature the Garmin G5000 avionics with touch-screen
controls and all of the capabilities required to comply with emerging operating
requirements for intercontinental aircraft, including FANS/CPDLC, ADSB and RNP.

With space for a crew of two plus up to eight passengers and one optional
additional crew member seat, the Citation Longitude features a stand-up 6-foot
(1.8 meter) high, 31-foot (9.4 meters) flat floor passenger cabin. Cessna’s
intelligent cabin technology developed specifically for the Citation line,
Clairity, will be standard on the Longitude to provide each passenger the ‘ultimate
connectivity experience.’

For longer distance travel,
the cabin is fiired with a dual-zone temperature control, a full galley
including an oven and cold storage. Again, in keeping with long distance
travel, the aircraft has a large lavatory and passengers have in-flight cabin
access to a spacious baggage area.

The Citation Longitude has been designed to offer an estimated full fuel
payload of 1,950 pounds (884.5 kilograms), a maximum cruise speed of 490 knots
true airspeed (907.4 kilometers per hour) and a maximum range of 4,000 nautical
miles (7408 kilometers). The aircraft will have a maximum overall width of 86
feet (26.2 meters) and maximum overall length of 87 feet (26.5 meters) with a
gently swept wing and advanced winglets for greater range, with improved
hot/high performance, climb and fuel burn. Entry into service is expected in

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