Cessna continues to grow in China


China is very special to Cessna

Cessna opened its
exhibit in China
for the Shanghai International Air Show (SIBAS) as one of the leading general
aviation companies in the country in terms of deliveries.

“The China
market is very special to Cessna and we continue to focus our efforts here in
terms of sales, manufacturing and customer support,” said Trevor Esling,
Cessna vice president, International Sales. “We have important
relationships throughout the country and continue to expand our presence here
to ensure we have the resources to support our growing fleet.”

China currently has 26 Citation executive jets being used
in a number of ways including business travel, training and special missions,
as well as nearly 200 propeller aircraft. Customers include the China Flight
Inspection Center (CFIC) of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the
Civil Aviation Flying University of China.

Included in the
Cessna China fleet are nine Caravan turboprops (two more deliveries are expected
this month) flying a variety of missions including passenger service, cargo and
aerial photography.

Recent deliveries
include three Citation Sovereigns to CFIC in December. Cessna is also working
with Chinese industry on aircraft production. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
produces Cessna’s Model 162 Skycatcher light sport aircraft. SAC has delivered
more than 100 aircraft and Cessna holds orders for close to 900 more aircraft.

Cessna has been
active in Hong Kong in terms of operations and product support and has plans
for further growth in mainland China
in the near future.