Cessna commences Citation M2 production


Cessna Aircraft has begun production of the new Citation M2 business jet. Final assembly of the new jet will be in the Independence, Kansas facility.

Cessna Citation M2 productionCessna Aircraft Company announced that the Citation M2 has commenced its initial production run in the company’s Independence, Kansas facility.

The front and aft cabin assemblies for the light business jet are built at the Wichita, Kansas facility and are then transported to Independence for final assembly and delivery.

Unit 800 is slated for demonstrator purposes, and is expected to roll off the assembly line this April.

Lily English, general manager of Cessna’s Independence Plant, says the production start is a rewarding moment that possesses its own challenges and benefits. “It’s great to see production begin, and see a product take shape. The team members are ready, and they’re thrilled to be a part of bringing the M2 to customers.”

The new Citation M2 business jet should be certified in the second quarter of 2013.

“The M2 looks to be a fantastic product for the market in the light business jet category,” said Brian Rohloff, business leader for the M2. “We asked our customers what they wanted, and we worked their requests into the M2 design. The outstanding customer response is proof that this aircraft delivers on their needs for mission scope, performance and finishes. Designing and manufacturing products based on customer use and needs is at the heart of Cessna’s legacy and is what has shaped the company’s aviation pride through the years.”

“The M2 has space for six passengers and a private lavatory, features that many of our Mustang customers said they wanted in their next jet,” said Rohloff. “The M2 is faster than many comparable airplanes, has a faster climb rate, and has strong value at the entry segment.”

Cessna expects the new Citation X, the fastest business jet in the world at Mach .935 and new Citation Sovereign corporate jet to impact on the market in 2013.

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