CEPA to lobby at Economic Forum in Poland


Aviation body to lobby Central Europe’s Davos on business aviation industry future at Krynica, Poland next week.

Dagmar and BrendanCEPA is staging a high-level
forum on the future role of aviation in civil transport at the forthcoming Davos of Central Europe economic forum.

CEPA and its members are
organising a panel entitled ‘Aviation as the future of civil transport’ at the
Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland, being held from 4 – 6

CEPA has been active on the
Central and Eastern European scene, as well as in the European Union Parliament
since 2011.

“I am proud to see CEPA
playing a major role in the region and developing continually to become
increasingly influential,” said Dagmar Grossman, founder of CEPA. “Sometimes
CEPA members come with issues regarding aviation policies in Central
Europe, for example, one of our members mentioned a persistent
problem that he faces every time he decides to use FBOs. Taxation affects his
competitiveness due to a rationale based on old legislation – with our
participation in events like this, you can be sure I will take their concerns
to the right people.”

Meanwhile, there is a call
for realism in business aviation forecasts ahead of CEPA Expo 2012, Central Europe’s Private Aviation Conference.

“Business Aviation
conferences can sometimes be unduly optimistic and it is very common to hear
very generic statements made about the market picking up and the business
aviation sector bouncing back,” said Brendan Lodge, CEPA chairman. “However,
such statements can be very general and not appropriate for the audience, and
frankly not helpful when some are struggling to survive. At the CEPA conference
we would like individuals, organisations and companies taking part to get a
realistic insight into where the market vulnerability is, and also where the
real opportunities lie.”

The third annual CEPA Expo
at the Prague Congress Centre from 29 -30 November 29-30, will open with a
condensed analysis of each area of the business aviation panorama. These will
be delivered by CEPA’s four advisory board counsellors who will include general
insights on the areas of brokerage, legal issues, lobbying and finance, so all
participants will be tuned into the current situation and so able to take an
active part in dynamic conference sessions.