CB SkyShare acquires and remodels FBO in Marin County, California


CB SkyShare took the next step in their journey to simplify private flight in the Western U.S. by acquiring the FBO at Gnoss Airport in Marin County, California. An initial phase remodel of the FBO has already been completed, adding multiple amenities for pilots and passengers in the busy Bay Area, while rescuing multiple, old-growth Chinese Elm trees on property and creating a public green space for the Marin airport community.

CB SkyShare’s next phase, currently underway, focuses on delivering the highest quality of private aviation services to the airport, including a new self-service fuel station, a BMW courtesy car, water bottle stations, and electric car chargers. In a final phase, SkyShare aims be one of the first providers of the up-and-coming, environmentally-conscious unleaded AvGas fuel in the nation.

“Investing and planting roots—literally—in local communities epitomizes the spirit of our mission to empower entrepreneurs and locally-minded businesses, working together to shift the power and freedom of private flight back into peoples’ hands, versus monolithic and impersonal institutions. Our company is visionary, bold, and fanatic about the customer experience. This must include creating actual, physical spaces where a community can grow,” says Cory Bengtzen, founder and CEO of CB SkyShare.

Marin County, one of the wealthiest counties in the country, allows CB SkyShare to immediately fill the demand for uplift in the Bay Area by serving the flight community with their unique 3-tier program. First, SkyShare bridges the retail charter gap for those seeking one-off private flights.

Secondly, SkyShare offers the premiere regional jet-share program in the West featuring the perfect trio of aircraft: the Pilatus PC-12, Citation CJ2, and Gulfstream G200, where one share provides full-fleet access. Thirdly, SkyShare assists in acquiring and/or managing many different private aircraft where owners receive benefits of charter revenue and access to the entire SkyShare fleet.

When asked about perceived competition becoming customers as SkyShare acquires more FBOs, VP Patricia Reed was quick to point out, “Since we fill a different niche in the marketplace than these respected charter membership programs, we see this as a win-win relationship. Our goal is simple: Flight Simplified. This centers on premium, personal customer experiences. Aviation is a brother/sisterhood. When we help these programs give their members ‘wow experiences,’ we’re confident they will view us as an asset to their business model, especially when their customers can relax and unwind in our new FBO.”

Shell Aviation will continue to be the exclusive provider of fuel for CB SkyShare. Speaking on their partnership, Director of West Coast Sales & Development Mick Kendall said, “Cory and his team at CB SkyShare have a very unique vision and special culture and we’re thrilled to watch them grow. Their FBOs have hundreds of five-star reviews for a reason, and we have every reason to expect that their growing presence in California will accelerate mindshare in the West about the SkyShare experience.”

Grayson Battema, the FBO’s new Manager and a fellow pilot added, “When you have the freedom to fly your own PC-12 or CJ2 and/or own a share in one of ours, having brick-and-mortar presences across the Western U.S. allows us to form face-to-face relationships with like-minded companies, families, and communities who share our immense passion for aviation.”