Cambridge Airport plans new hangar


Cambridge Airport has plans for new hangar

Cambridge Airport has started to plan for a
new hangar, to be built next to the ExecuJet FBO. It will be a similar design
to Hangar 22 which was the last hangar to be built at the airport but will
differ slightly as the doors will open outwards.

The airport will also move the maintenance facility from Hangar 22 to
another hangar close by. This move is planned to happen by the end of March
2012. This will free Hangar 22 for new based aircraft which the airport is
hoping to attract and allow for overnight hangarage, if space is available.
Hangar 1 is also being made available for based aircraft hangarage.

According to Archie Garden, managing director at Cambridge Airport
there are currently about ten business jet and business turboprop aircraft
based at the airport. He expects that number to increase with the new FBO and
extra hangarage that will be available in the future.