Simon Caldecott appointed new interim president and chief executive at Piper Aircraft


New president instigates a review of PiperJet Altaire programme

Caldecott has been appointed the new interim president and chief executive
officer of Piper Aircraft effective immediately. 

Caldecott joined Piper in 2009 and is the former vice president of operations
responsible for manufacturing operations, manufacturing engineering, quality
and supply chain.  Caldecott replaces Geoff Berger, who joined as the
previous interim chief executive officer in mid-2010.

“I would like to thank Geoff Berger for his outstanding
service to Piper throughout his time here. His hard work and contributions have
seen us through many important changes that have helped continue a great
tradition of precision manufacturing and delivering best-in-class
airplanes,” Caldecott said.

Caldecott also indicated that former executive vice president Randy Groom has
left the company. “I would also like to thank Randy Groom for many
contributions to our globalisation efforts and his excellent leadership of our
customer-facing functions,” he said.

“Our team is dedicated to moving Piper forward. We will increase focus on
the company’s vertical integration manufacturing model along with continuous product
improvements and thoughtful investments in our business and training aircraft
to further recent growth gains.” Deliveries of Piper’s piston and
turboprop powered aircraft have increased quarter over quarter and year over
year as the company’s business and training aircraft continue to outperform the
marketplace in their aircraft categories. 

“While the company continues to achieve internal financial
and delivery targets for the existing turboprop and piston product lines, we
have initiated a review of the Altaire business jet development program. This
is being undertaken to ensure the company is properly aligning business goals
and light jet market forecasts with investment strategies and economic
forecasts,” Caldecott said. The company will announce the conclusion of
this review to employees and the industry as soon as possible.  

Caldecott has 37
years in aviation, he has international experience at the senior level in
European and North American operations. Prior to Piper, Caldecott was vice president
assembly integration and testing with Raytheon Aircraft and more recently vice
president assembly operations with that company’s successor Hawker Beechcraft.