Steve Varsano’s Jet Business takes off


Interest focuses on $30 million jets at the Jet Business

The Jet Business logoWithin the first month of formally opening the windows at The Jet Business, the team have welcomed a wide range of ultra high net-worth individuals from all over the world – including India, China, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, France, Nigeria and Monaco. 

The company has doubled the number of pre-owned aircraft it has on exclusive listings in its marketing portfolio.  It has even turned down offers to market aircraft where sellers had unrealistic expectations.

Versano says “We are building up a significant pipeline of interest and are in various stages of the acquisition process with different clients.  Without a doubt, the highly visible location of this showroom and the unique technology we are showcasing within is playing a huge part in this success. Furthermore, the word of mouth recommendations and the endorsements we’ve received from the industry has led to some significant new introductions which we would not have had access to so easily before.   During the weekends we have entertained serious international clientele visitors here.  It’s a first class problem to have.”