CJI Global 2020: Business aviation has done ‘an incredible job’ reacting to Covid-19 says Ian Moore



“It has been an amazing year so far in terms of challenges coming at you left, right and centre. I think the industry has done a remarkable job in reacting,” Ian Moore, chief commercial officer, VistaJet, told CJI Global delegates.

Contributing to the panel, Growing the Asian and Middle East charter markets, Moore spoke about the advantages of being a larger operator. “One of the advantages of our aircraft is we are able to move into demand pockets because essentially we own all of our aircraft. So, what we have seen is, in relative terms, a V-shape recovery.”

According to Moore, VistaJet was incredibly busy in March. He puts this down to the type of aircraft in the fleet but, as with much of the industry, Moore noted that April and May saw a reduction in activity.

Coming to June and July, Moore said activity has returned but not yet to a pre-Covid-19 level. VistaJet is now seeing a new type of customer and a reduction in multi-journey custom. Nonetheless, the per customer activity is not what has been seen in previous years, Moore said.

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