Brazil issues Phenom 300 anti-ice piccolo tube EAD


Embraer displayed this Indonesian registered Phenom 300 at ABACE 2013 (Photo: Alud Davies)

Brazilian authorities have issued an emergency airworthiness directive (EAD) that requires operators of 35 Phenom 300 private jets to inspect the leading edge anti-ice piccolo tubes on both wings of the aircraft.

The EAD states that anti-ice piccolo tubes on the leading edge of both wings could be incorrectly installed and need to be inspected.

Operators and owners of the 35 aircraft have to make the inspection within 10 flight hours, or five days of the EAD being issued.

Incorrectly installed anti-ice piccolo tubes could allow ice to build up on the leading edges of the wings, which could lead to loss of control of the aeroplane.

The lions share of the Phenom 300s affected are registered in the US, but other countries affected include Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa and Switzerland.