Q&A: Brad Harris, Dallas Jet International

Brad Harris Dallas Jet

Brad Harris is the founder and CEO of Dallas Jet International.

Brad Harris is the founder and CEO of Dallas Jet International, a Texan company that offers private jets for sale and aircraft brokerage consulting services.
Brad Harris Dallas Jet

Brad Harris is the founder and CEO of Dallas Jet International.

Why did you become an aircraft broker?

“My passion for aviation started at an early age. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aviation and Airway Science and a Masters Degree in Human Resources from Louisiana Tech University. Becoming an aircraft broker was the natural progression and success of my career.

“I started my aviation career in 1989 and in less than four years, I had my brokerage and aircraft management company. In 2002, I started Dallas Jet International, a full service aircraft brokerage firm. Our extensive hands-on knowledge and experience in aviation caters to the customer with personal consulting and management. We don’t just stop at the transaction, but assist our clients in consulting and aircraft management through the life of their aircraft ownership.”

What was the first aircraft you sold?

“A Cessna Citation ISP.”

What is your favorite aircraft?

“Gulfstream’s G550.”

Do you have a pilot’s license?

“Yes, I am type-rated in 10 different jet aircraft including the Gulfstream 550, 450, 350, GV, GIV, GIII, GII, Hawker 125, Falcon 10, Citation 550/500, Beechjet 400, 400A, Lockheed Jetstar II, Diamond Jet and King Air 300/350.”

How many aircraft do you sell per year?

“On average, I sell about 25; it all depends on how well the market is doing. This past year [2013] was a great year for our firm and I only expect the coming year to be better.”

Do you think you could sell anything?

“Yes, I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.”

What is the difference between a good broker and a bad broker?

“Why settle for just a good broker? In my experience a great broker is one who is knowledgeable of all aspects of the aviation world. Staying ahead of the market is important as well as maintaining your knowledge of aviation systems and aircraft equipment.

“A great broker is also someone who is well respected by others in the industry. Our clients hire us because we are committed to integrity and maintain customer focus while providing an expertise that is unmatched in the world of aircraft transactions. At Dallas Jet International it is an equal investment because our customers are customers for life.”


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