Bombardier reports strong Q4 to end year in preliminary 2022 results


Bombardier has reported a better than expected fourth quarter to end the year as the company pre-announced its 2022 financials. 

The Canadian OEM delivered 123 in 2022 compared to the guidance of 120 or less, giving Bombardier an expected full-year 2022 unit book-to-bill of 1.4 and a predicted order backlog growth to about $14.8bn — over twice 2022 sales. That means revenues are to come in at about $6.9bn, ahead of the guidance of $6.5bn or under.

Better than expected revenues are reflected elsewhere. Bombardier expect adjusted liquidity of around $1.7bn which includes cash and cash equivalents of $1.3bn plus restricted cash supporting various bank guarantees of about $400m. Liquidity excludes the facility announced in November 2022, which remains undrawn.

The company will release its fourth quarter and full-year 2022 results on February 9, 2023.

Preliminary full-year 2022 results (source: Bombardier)