Bombardier celebrates 10 years since first Global 5000 delivery


Bombardier is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first delivery of its Global 5000 business jet. There are now 180 Global 5000s flying. In total the fleet has flown more than 300,000 flight hours and 140,000 landings

Éric Martel, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft, said: “At its launch, the Global 5000 business jet was the world’s fastest entry long range private jet.”

“Not only does this statement still hold true today, but the proven Global 5000 aircraft has since been thoroughly recognized in the industry for its superior performance, short-runway takeoffs, best-in-class avionics, widest cabin and greatest comfort,” added Martel.

“At its launch the Global 5000 business jet was the world’s fastest entry long range private jet and that still holds true.”

Since the first delivery n April 18, 2005 has continued to upgrade the aircraft.

Bombardier has increased the range of the Global 5000 aircraft range to 5,200 nautical miles, added the Bombardier Vision flight deck for pilots, and received steep approach certification from the FAA and EASA. In 2016, the Global 5000 aircraft is set to become the first business jet in the industry to offer Ka-Band service, providing business jet passengers with high-speed, in-flight connectivity virtually anywhere in the world.

Paul Sislian, vice president and general manager, Global Programs, Bombardier Business Aircraft said: “We are continually improving on the proven and reliable Global 5000 aircraft to make it even better. I am very proud of the track record of the Global 5000 business jets, and I look forward to another decade of historic performances, dependable reliability and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.”

In February 2015 Bombardier had delivered more than 600 Global family-aircraft. The total Global fleet has flown for more than 1.5 million flight hours and landed 570,000 times.