Bombardier Global 7000 flies for first time


The Bombardier Global 7000 flew for for the first time today. The aircraft (FTV1 C-GLBO / 70001) flew from Toronto’s Downsview Airport at 10:25 local time.

Bombardier is hoping to deliver the first Global 7000s to customers in 2018.

According to flight tracking website, the Global 7000 reached a maximum altitude of 20,000 ft and a maximum speed of 240 kts.

Bombardier test flight pilots Captain Ed Grabman, and co-pilot Jeff Karnes flew the aircraft. Flight Test Engineer Jason Nickel was also on-board.

The first flight lasted for 2 hours and 27 minutes. During the flight all controls were tested. The manufacturer says that all systems performed as expected.

“The first flight is the culmination of an incredible amount of knowledge and experience from our dedicated employees, partners and suppliers,” said David Coleal, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “This is a very proud moment for Bombardier and confirms the Global 7000 aircraft program development is on schedule.”

Bombardier used a Global 5000 (C-GERS) as the chase plane.

The Canadian manufacturer launched the model in October 2010. It had originally planned to deliver the aircraft to customers in 2016.

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